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Pele & Wilson Simonal

Few events have been used as well to create a climate of nationalism as the World Cup. With all the talk and media coverage of the riots and violence around the World Cup in Brazil, Blatte United is wondering if this is not the perfect climate to crete a national and Global unity around the Brazil national team. 

During the world cup 1970 Brazil was under a dictatorship led by general Emílio Garrastazu Médici and his govermment used the World Cup to steer away the focus of common man and international media to national unity and support around the World Cup in Mexico and that support was enough to see Brazil wining the World Cup. Could Brazil win this world cup, Some of us here at Blatte United think there is a big chance that could happen. What do you think?

Here is the official anthem for Brazil 1970 sang by Pele best friend musician Wilson Simonal, the song is "Here is the country of Football".