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Blattar United

 Google images result for search word Blatte

Google images result for search word Blatte

If you google the word Blatte, you will find thousands of images of Cockroaches and one Image of Blatte United playing a football game on a pitch in China town New York.  That should tell you everything you need to know about us, in Sweden we were known as Blattar a derogatory term for immigrants and people who migrated to Sweden. We grew up with this concept that we were not wanted and no matter how much we tried or didn't we knew we would never become them or have the same oppertunity as a normal Swede so we left.

In US we are all Blattar, there is something wonderful about being one of many and having an equal opportunity, something we never felt we could have had in Sweden. I am not bitter but thankful for my background as a Swedish/Indian/Persian Blatte.

Blatte, to us is a about the spirit of a person, its a sort of resilience and joy, a way of being. When we  started the team our entire critieria for membership was anyone who is Blatte is welcome, no matter where you come from. 

We had Lee and Everard who were from Trinidad, Jeremy who was American Greek in Goal, Sean who is Irish, Jakob, Daniel, Andreas, Oskar who were Real Swedes and then Keke, Marcus, Pierre, Mezz, Josef, Selim and me Blattar from Sweden.

Other teams would see how we would shout and scream and laugh and they were like who are you guys. We knew we had something special and soon enough we had people joining us from other teams and people would come to our games just to watch Blatte United, they wanted our Blatte shirt, they wanted to be part of Blatte. It was no longer bad to be Blatte, it was when we took the stigmata out that word and used it to describe our family "Blattar United".

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